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The Lucy Daniels Foundation (LDF) has donated to the Lucy Daniels Center (LDC) the architectural landmark building and surrounding acreage in Cary where the Center has operated for the past 26 years.

The Lucy Daniels Center provides educational and therapeutic services to young children with emotional and mental health challenges. The building donation will allow the Center to increase its direct services to children, as well as to expand its outreach services to parents, teachers and mental health providers in a setting specifically designed to promote emotional growth. In addition to ensuring the Center’s future in its original home, the gift also serves to enhance its long-term financial stability.

The building, on Weston Parkway in Cary, designed by architects W. G. Clark and Charles Menefee III and built in 1992, has been recognized nationally as a prime example of modern architecture. The combination of large windows and rich landscaping integrates inside and outside spaces, which is also the focus of psychoanalytic treatment. The building now houses the Lucy Daniels School (for preschool through grade 5), therapeutic and administrative offices for the Center, and a therapeutic teaching garden used by both School and Center.

Dr. Lucy Daniels, a writer and clinical psychologist, co-founded the Lucy Daniels Preschool with Dr. Donald Rosenblitt, a child psychoanalyst, in 1992 to provide a range of services to help children live emotionally healthy lives through in-depth evaluation and treatment, family involvement and education. Over the years, the preschool expanded to become the Lucy Daniels Center (LDC), offering clinical services to families and educators throughout the Triangle and extending the school’s service to all elementary grades.

“The intent of this gift,” Dr. Daniels said, “is to ensure that the Center can continue and perhaps expand its mission to help children with emotional struggles who need more than just behavior management. These kids need to be understood and guided to grow emotionally so they can also flourish academically and socially throughout life.” She added, “The Center has become a national model for providing an integrated program for children with special emotional needs. And this gift is in recognition of the past, present and future needs of the Triangle’s families and children.”

“The Lucy Daniels Foundation’s gift of the building to LDC will enable us to increase our direct service to children and to expand our community programs while solidifying the long-term fiscal stability of the Center,” Dr. Rosenblitt said.

The Lucy Daniels Foundation (LDF), founded in 1989, has conducted extensive research of creative writers undergoing psychoanalysis and has helped creative individuals and clinicians explore the connections between psychoanalysis and creativity.

The Foundation has relocated its office to 629 Oberlin Road, Raleigh, NC 27605. Its web address will remain, and its phone number remains 919-677-9888. The Foundation’s services, including the annual seminar for creative individuals conducted by Dr. Daniels entitled “Our Problems as the Roots of Our Power,” will continue. Registration for this year’s seminar is currently open.

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