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Lucy Daniels Center and School has received a Community Grant from TerraCon Foundation of $2500 in support of our efforts to expand the academic and therapeutic uses of our on-site garden.

The Therapeutic Teaching Garden is used in the course of our classes to teach students about ecology, conservation and ecosystems, provide students with experiential learning related to science, math, writing and social skills, and build in them increased compassion, pride, self-esteem and confidence through their participation in gardening and garden-related projects.

Photos: Left – Dr. Rosenblitt, Analee Farrell, Dr. Deb Mugno and Marilyn Farrell
Right – Marilyn Farrell (standing), Dr. Rosenblitt and Analee Farrell visit the Garden.

Plans for expansion include

  • Purchasing and planting pollinator plants to attract Monarch Butterflies;
  • Apply as a Monarch Waystation Site;
  • Install natural seating to increase the use of the garden by teachers, parents and children alike; and
  • Install an outdoor garden sink to aid in harvests of vegetables grown there.

We are most appreciative of this support, and of the efforts made by Analee Farrell, Staff Environmental Engineer at Terracon and daughter of LDC staff memberMarilyn Farrell, for working so hard on our behalf.

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