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"To make a long story short, we had a great many difficulties with our daughter, when my husband and I relocated our family to the Triangle area from Canada. Our daughter and my husband and I worked with one of the Center's Family Guidance therapists and the result has been an enormous success. The Center provided us with outstanding service, and our daughter has continued to blossom long after we completed our work at the Center.

She is now a safety patroller and very proud of that, loves having the responsibility and looking after the younger kids. She is doing her homework completely and without argument every night. She is cooperating in class. The schoolwork she is bringing home features, for the most part, great grades and comments, lots of reaffirming stickers about jobs well done, etc. 

The teacher sent home a note in her Friday Folder that said "She's a doll!" with a little smiley face. As you can well imagine, my husband and I checked to make sure we had the right kid's Friday Folder, but sure enough, it was. She is working hard on math and still struggling, but her new teacher has told her and us not to worry, that one day, it will just click, a message being reinforced by her tutor.

We are being firm and fair with our daughter. When we know that she is going to disagree with a decision we are making, we are being calm and reasonable and not backing down on our decisions. We're finding it much easier to manage her these days. It helps that she is on an allowance system that allows for bonuses for jobs well done or additional jobs around the house. She's keeping her room and bathroom fairly clean (yay!)  It's working."

-Parents of a Family Guidance Service client

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