Welcome to the Early School, the preschool and kindergarten division of the Lucy Daniels School. Our Early School offers a unique, intensive, classroom-based therapeutic program for socially and academically capable children ages three to six who are having extra challenges adjusting to school life.

In-classroom interventions are individually tailored to each child’s social and emotional needs within a group setting and are guided by communication between parents and teachers, parents and their parent therapist, and our team of early childhood professionals. Special attention is paid to helping each child:

  • comfortably separate from parents
  • develop independence and autonomy
  • communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings effectively
  • play with peers and maintain meaningful friendships
  • collaborate and participate in a group

Call us to learn more or set up an appointment to visit at 919-677-1400.  We look forward to talking with you about your child and exploring whether the Lucy Daniels Center Early School is the right solution for your child and family.