First Steps 

Our school directors welcome parents’ conversations, in person or on the phone, where we can focus on answering individualized parent questions about our program.  Parents are also encouraged to schedule a time to meet with the director of the Early School (Jennifer Reid) or the Elementary School (Deborah Mugno) to discuss their child, our program, and tour the facility before deciding to apply.  We are also available to observe a child in his or her current setting (without fee) if parents would like our perspective on how that particular setting is meeting their child’s needs. 

All these (optional) first steps will be followed by a careful, collaborative evaluation/assessment and our recommendations for how to best support the child’s development.  The Decision Making Process will provide a comprehensive description for how to proceed. Families can begin this part of the process by submitting a Request for Consultation Form

We currently offer a school programs through third grade and will add fourth and fifth grades for the 2015-16 school year.

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