The Lucy Daniels School is designed for those children with average or higher intellectual capacities and social capacity for meaningful peer relationships who are not reaching their potential in their current school settings because of an inner emotional interference.  Our children are able to thrive academically and socially in our classrooms because we put in place the individualized therapeutic supports they need inside and outside the classroom.   

Emotional interferences occur for many reasons and can take many forms within a child and in his or her outward behavior.  Some children are on the inhibited or withdrawn side, others are expressive and action-oriented.  Some are experiencing emotional pain, and others are not.  In most situations in which a child is experiencing interferences at school, he or she is also experiencing those interferences at home and with friends outside of school. 

The following is a partial list of the ways that inner emotional interferences can show in the lives of the children who join our Lucy Daniels School community:

  • Difficulty separating;
  • Awkwardness or excessive conflict with peers;
  • Tendencies to be excessively alone;
  • Resistance to being alone or caring for oneself independently;
  • Anxieties and worries, including repetitive behaviors;
  • Difficulty concentrating or controlling oneself;
  • Excessive stubbornness or inflexibility. 

Our parents are dedicated.  Since we are not a fix-it-alone school, but a working-together-hand-in-hand school, the parents who are the right fit for the Lucy Daniels School are those who are ready to work closely with teachers, therapists, and full staff.  All parents participate in regular parent counseling throughout their child’s time here.  Children’s lives can be transformed when they know that the key adults in their lives are collaborating on their behalf and have together wrapped their arms around them.

We always start by asking families to explore with us the question of whether enrollment in the school is the best option to promote their child’s fullest development.  We explore all options as we make decisions, because families at the Lucy Daniels Center have access to the full complement of mental health approaches provided by our experienced and expert mental health professionals.