that your child, with a full potential to learn and to have rewarding social relationships, but currently limited by emotional obstacles, could be in a learning community where he or she:

  •  is successful, comfortable, and looking forward to each day of school.
  •  feels understood, accepted, and supported.
  •  is not just sustained, but is challenged and supported in every way to grow academically and emotionally “from the inside.”

 And, imagine that this is possible because

  •  a team of experts in education and childhood mental health wrap their arms around each child.
  •  each child’s educational and therapeutic program is carefully tailored to our understanding of his or her needs and strengths. 
  •  parents coordinate closely with this team, weekly or even daily with teachers and regular meetings with their parent therapist.
  •  everything that the child needs educationally and therapeutically is provided on-site in our wrap-around educational/mental health model so that  care for every aspect of the child’s social and emotional development is centered and integrated.
  •  we rely upon healing and growth through talk, understanding, and relationships, finding that such an approach leads to true “inside” change that  lasts and grows.
  •  we help children to develop capacities that are based on their goodness, values, and desires to be independent and competent, rather than solely  complying outwardly to achieve external rewards that most often do not address their inside emotional confusions.

You have now imagined the Lucy Daniels School.  We imagined it because we believe in every child reaching their fullest educational potential in a caring environment that is based upon understanding the whole child and family.  We built it because there is no other option of this sort in our region.

We believe that children with emotional struggles need more than just behavior management.  They need to be understood and guided to grow emotionally so they may also flourish academically.  In creating our Center, we have over the past 22 years become a national model for providing an integrated program for children with special emotional needs.  We leave no stone unturned.   We invite you to learn more about us by calling 919-677-1400.


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