Request for Consultation

We help families understand the reasons why their children may be having emotional or behavioral difficulties and help them work toward sustainable solutions. We may recommend medication, but we recognize that medication often only addresses symptoms rather than the problem itself.

Getting started is simple.  We ask parents to complete our Request for Consultation (link below) and submit as directed. Parents can expect to hear back from us within two weeks, although occasionally our waiting lists are longer.

We will arrange a first meeting in which we meet with parent(s). On the basis of that meeting, we may have advice to offer, or we may recommend a more extensive assessment. Please complete the Registration Packet and bring it with you to your first meeting.

The Lucy Daniels Center has an unusually comprehensive array of treatment options for children, and we tailor our recommendations to the needs of each child. Continued help in the Family Guidance Service typically includes some combination of parent counseling, play therapy for the child, family therapy, collaboration with school, and medication assessment.  We may also recommend that parents consider further treatment in another one of the other components of the Lucy Daniels Center (the Lucy Daniels School or SecurePath Program.)

Please click here to complete our secure Request for Consultation form.

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