Cary, NC – Lucy Daniels Center (LDC) has been awarded a $43,750 grant by The City of Raleigh for the SecurePath program, a partnership with Wake County SmartStart. This is the second grant that LDC has received from the City of Raleigh further demonstrating the Center’s commitment to serving families in low-income census tract areas.

SecurePath is one of the Triangle area’s few programs providing services in Spanish as well as in English in the child’s home or childcare center and is a collaborative program between Wake County SmartStart and the Lucy Daniels Center. It is a comprehensive mental health service, providing mental health assessments, interventions and therapy for children ages birth to five and help for the parents with their child’s social, emotional or developmental challenges. Services are provided at no charge to families who are uninsured, underinsured or receiving Medicaid.

“The Community Enhancement Grant provides funding for public services that support neighborhood improvements or innovative services that serve low- and moderate-income persons and neighborhoods.  The Lucy Daniels Center application for SecurePath was recommended for funding because the grant review panel determined that it met all application requirements and provides a valuable service to the Raleigh community.” Amy H. Cole, AICP, Community Development Division, City of Raleigh Housing & Neighborhoods Department.

The support of The City of Raleigh will allow the Lucy Daniels Center to extend the reach of the SecurePath program to serve a larger number of children within the city limits who are uninsured, below poverty level, or receiving Medicaid. Over the ten years of the program, more than 98 percent of the children in childcare who receive at least four months of SecurePath services maintain stable childcare placements as a direct result of the program services. SecurePath is aligned with the City’s Five-Year Consolidated Plan, Non-Housing Community Development Strategies and will help to assist low-income persons and families and improve their quality of life.  

“This is more than helping children emotionally. We are helping children maintain childcare stability which often times plays a crucial role in families’ financial stability.” Dr. Donald Rosenblitt, Executive and Clinical Director, Lucy Daniels Center.

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