The Lucy Daniels Center for Early Childhood is one of 17 organizations that received a total of more than $357,000 in the most recent funding cycle from the Kids 'N Community Foundation. This is the first gift the Center has received from the Foundation. The funds will go to the Center's Family Support Fund. This fund provides gap funding for the difference between what families can afford to pay for mental health services for their children and the actual cost of providing the services. Families are asked to pay for services based on a sliding scale according to income and more than 90% of families receive some level of fee support,

 "We are so pleased to have the support and visibility that an organization like the Hurricanes   brings to our organization. The children in our community look up to the Hurricanes players as heroes. Their support of children with mental health challenges and their families, through this gift, makes them heroes not just on the ice rink but also in the community," says Don Rosenblitt, M.D., executive and clinical director of the Lucy Daniels Center. This gift together with others to the Center's Family Support Fund will assist as many as 500 families in the next year. 

"The Carolina Hurricanes Kids 'N Community Foundation is excited to create a partnership with the Lucy Daniels Center for Early Childhood. The Lucy Daniels Center provides much needed mental health services to children, an area that is frequently overlooked and underserved.  We thank them for their great work and appreciate what they do to better our community," said Doug Warf," executive director of the Kids 'N Community Foundation.   

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