A child's ability to communicate, develop relationships, resolve conflicts, and cope with the callings of everyday life take time, practice, and patience. Reading together is on way to explore such tops with children. 

Come learn how to support healthy social and emotional development and early literacy skills while also promoting imaginate play, creative thinking, problem-solving, and self-regulation skills at our one day Bookmarked! conference on Saturday, April 18. 

Rotate through dhhs approved for credit workshops covering topics on healthy social and emotional development promoted in our Lucy's Book Club book selections.  

Don't forget to grab lunch with Audrey Penn, children's author best known for writing the Kissing Hand.

Who: Educators wanting to collect more knowledge and earn dhhs approved credits
 Bookmarked! 2015 presented by PNC Bank
When: April 18, 2015 (Full day 9a.m.-3p.m. includes lunch; Half day 9a.m.-12p.m.)
Where: Lucy Daniels Center (9003 Weston Pkwy Cary, NC 27713)

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