Kids Reading
Much of the success of the Lucy Daniels Center depends on public awareness.  Our work is based on a passionate and committed belief that children must be emotionally healthy in order to fulfill their greatest potential. So we work directly with the children we serve to build it—however long it may take. That’s the philosophy behind our services: we don’t give up, because we believe in our young charges, and we believe they deserve to live mentally healthy lives. There aren’t many who can disagree with that philosophy so we use various avenues of communication to share it and build a coalition of support. 

In addition to our community events including Cooking for a Classic, and the Inaugural Links for Lucy golf tournament, we offer a myriad of informational avenues that are managed by the Center including the Connect newsletter, brochures, and videos.

We also engage supporters through social media interaction, which expands our reach and network. The Lucy Daniels Center has a Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Please join us, stay informed and spread the word!