Social Media Ambassador We are inviting social media professionals, technology enthusiasts and networked individuals to help us spread the word about how the Lucy Daniels Center is promoting the healthy emotional development of young children.

You can help the Lucy Daniels Center by incorporating our message into your social media activities.  Simply select a campaign you are passionate about and post, tweet, or pin about it.

This is an easy way anyone – men, women, teens – can get involved in getting kids back to happy.

How does the social media ambassador program work?
The Lucy Daniels Center will provide ambassadors information about current activities and major campaigns and events. Logos, brochures, pictures and videos will all be provided in an email. Ambassadors can then pick what they would like to promote via their online community.

What type of commitment do you need from me?
We are looking for a one-year commitment.  It is our hope that ambassadors can pick at least two campaigns or events throughout the year to focus on. A blog post, Facebook mention, or Twitter post would be great. Liking, retweeting and pinning is fantastic too! The more ambassadors engage their audience, the more the Lucy Daniels Center can share our mission with the community.

What incentives are there for me?
Not only will you feel gratified for helping promote the healthy emotional development of young children, but you will receive a Social Media Ambassador Program badge to display on your online mediums, we will feature you on our Social Media Ambassadors page, and repost and retweet anything you put out there about the Lucy Daniels Center.

How do I join?
Each applicant must complete the online registration form.  Once the application is received, the ambassador will start receiving e-mails with information about campaigns and upcoming events to promote.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
If you have any questions regarding the Social Media Ambassador Program, please contact us at or 919.677.1400.