Inclement Weather

The Lucy Daniels School and the Family Guidance Service will open at 10:00am on Friday, March 6. The Pre-K and Kindergarten classes will dismiss at regular time. Grades 1-3 will dismiss at 3:00.

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Welcoming a Pet Into Your Family

With the right amount of forethought and planning, adopting a pet can be an enriching and rewarding experience for you and your children. Making the decision to bring a pet into your family …

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Reflect On School Year Endings

Late May and early June usually mark some type of ending. Often distracted by end-of-activity celebrations and up-coming summer plans, parents and children tend to focus less on the leave-taki…

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Supporting Friendships at School

Written by:  Lucy Daniels Center staff Parents have many opportunities to support their children's relationships in the earliest years of life. You meet with friends and neighbors w…

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Helping children with homework

Written by:  Lucy Daniels Center staff Homework comes in all shapes and sizes for children of all ages — from simple, straightforward worksheets to in-depth projects. Many par…

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Stepparenting During the Holidays

Written by:  Lucy Daniels Center staff   The winter holiday season is a time when many families come together. For children of divorced parents, however, spending time with al…

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