Administrative Staff

Donald Rosenblitt, M.D.Donald Rosenblitt, M.D. | Executive and Clinical Director | 919.677.1400 x 129 

"The Center fulfills in every way what I had hoped it would become: a place where children’s lives and perspectives would be taken seriously and with great respect, where nothing would be spared in the effort to bring each child to his or her fullest emotional and social potential."

Dr. Rosenblitt is a child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst and is the founding and current clinical and executive director of the Lucy Daniels Center. He completed his medical training and residencies in adult and child psychiatry at Duke University School of Medicine, and is a graduate and former director of the UNC-Duke Psychoanalytic Education Program, currently called the Psychoanalytic Education Center of the Carolinas.

Deborah MugnoDeborah Mugno, Ed.D. | Director of Education and Operations | 919.677.1400 x 130

"All services are child centered, family inclusive, and delivered with a level of professionalism and provider commitment that is un-matched.  Lives are changed and changes are sustained."

Dr. Mugno has been at the Center for 12 years using her extensive experience with children with special needs in her roll as Director of Education. She has a B.S. from University of Maryland in Special Education, a M.S. from Johns Hopkins University in Reading Disabilities, and an Ed. D. from Johns Hopkins in Special Education/Leadership.

John Tisdale, D.Min | Associate Executive and Clinical Director | 919.677.1400 x 136

"Lucy Daniels Center and School provides the rare opportunity for working in close collaboration with clinicians, teachers, and support staff dedicated to solely improving the emotional health of children and their families from a deeply humanistic and empathic perspective."

Dr. Tisdale joined the Lucy Daniels Center in 2013 bringing his experience as a licensed professional counselor with over a decade of post-graduate psychoanalytic clinical training working with adults and children through the Psychoanalytic Education Center of the Carolinas (PECC).  He is a Duke University Divinity school graduate and earned a doctorate in counseling from The Graduate Theological Foundation in South Bend, Indiana.  Dr. Tisdale worked the past 12 years in a private group practice in Chapel Hill where he developed a specialty of working with parents and children. 

Clarenda Anderson

Ellen Fort | Director of Development and Communications | 919.677.1400 x 120

“I am delighted to use my experience and enthusiasm to help tell the remarkable story of Lucy Daniels Center and its mission of helping children and their families."


Ellen Fort has more than 25 years of development and communications experience in the corporate and nonprofit sector, most recently serving as the director of corporate and foundation giving for the North Carolina Symphony. She graduated from Agnes Scott College with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing. She has worked at the Children's Museum of Winston-Salem, Salem Academy and College and The Arts Council of Winston-Salem, all in Winston-Salem, and has held positions with SAFEchild, First Citizens Bank and Rex Healthcare in Raleigh. She is active in the Agnes Scott Alumnae Association and is a sustaining member of the Junior League of Raleigh. 


Patti WiltPatti Wilt | Office Manager | 919.677.1400 x 104

“I am proud to work with such an exceptional group of people who are so devoted to helping young children live emotionally healthy lives!”

Patti Wilt joined the Lucy Daniels Center team in 2006, and has worked with the Family Guidance Service, development, and now as the office manager.  She brings more than 20 years of experience in healthcare and administration.

Susan Williams | Senior Accountant | 919.677.1400 x 128

“What I love about working at the Center is the people.”

Susan has a BA is Sociology from the University of North Carolina in Chapel, an MBA in Finance from Strayer University and is currently working on her dissertation to complete her doctorate degree in Finance from Walden University.  When joining the Center in June 2014, she brings over 15 years of Accounting and Finance experience, including both profit and non-profit organizations.

Kelly Bruscia | Administrative Assistant | 919.677.1400 x 131

"I love seeing the children's faces everyday as they walk through the doors of LDC, knowing that the teachers are making such a huge impact in their lives."

Kelly Bruscia joined the Lucy Daniels Center in 2014 bringing with her a wealth of administrative and early childhood education experience. Kelly received her B.A. in English from the University of North Florida.  Prior to her career at the Lucy Daniels Center, she worked at the YMCA and Montessori School. 

Family Guidance Service

Seinna Means | Administrator, Family Guidance Service | 919.677.1400 x 147 

“In our efforts to address mental health challenges, I get to absorb the passion and dedication from a great group of people, which I call my LDC Family.”

Mrs. Means joined the Lucy Daniels Center staff in 2007 as the Family Guidance Service Administrator. She brings more than 16 years of healthcare and administrative management experience. 

Lindsey AtkinsLindsey Atkins, LCSW | Mental Health Clinician | 919.677.1400 x 158

“I most enjoy working with a talented group of professionals who all hold the same ideas about children and families and work in a way that encourages children to embark on the long and rewarding journey of discovering of their own internal worlds in order to have long lasting change and growth.”

Lindsey received her Bachelors  in Psychology as well as a Master's Degree in Social Work, specializing in children's mental health, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before coming to work at the Lucy Daniels Center, she worked  with children, adults, adolescents, and families at an outpatient clinic providing individual psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy. Previous to that, she worked in a group home setting with adolescents on the autism spectrum. Lindsey has been with the Center since 2012.

Allison BallewAllison Ballew, Ph.D. | Mental Health Clinician | 919.677.1400 x 139

“I enjoy conducting evaluations and providing play and insight-oriented psychotherapy to families from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of experiences and needs.”

Dr. Ballew received a doctorate in psychology from the University of Tennessee with an emphasis on clinical psychology and child and adolescent development. She completed an internship at Vanderbilt University Hospital’s division of child and adolescent psychiatry and had a post-doctoral training in community mental health. She has over ten years of experience working with children and their families, including seven here at the Lucy Daniels Center. 

Shoshana Funk, MSW | Mental Health Clinician

Teresa GrecoTeresa Greco, LCSW | Mental Health Clinician | 919.677.1400 x 154 

"I value the Center’s mission to provide young children with empowerment and voice."

Teresa Greco has been a psychotherapist with the Lucy Daniels Center for 9 years.  She is a graduate of Smith College and has been a child and family therapist in multiple settings for 14 years.  Her areas of interest include, but are not limited to, family and parent therapy, childhood anxiety disorders, grief and loss, adoption, and assisting families in coping with developmental disabilities.

Sara LoucaSara Louca, Psy.D. | Mental Health Clinician | 919.677.1400 x 152

“I appreciate the opportunity to work at a place that values children and families and supports in-depth work that attends to heart as much as to struggles.”

Dr. Louca, Psy.D. completed her undergraduate work at Bowdoin College and her doctorate training at Antioch University New England. She has worked in Child and Family Guidance Clinics as well as Universities. Most recently, she worked within the VA system with a specialty in trauma focused treatment. Dr. Louca has been with Lucy Daniels Center since January of 2012.

Bryte Marziano, Psy.D. | Mental Health Clinician | 919.677.1400 x 157

“I enjoy working with children and families from an integrative perspective that facilitates wholeness, emphasizes interpersonal relationships, and fosters growth, insight and acceptance of feelings, values, and behavior.”

Bryte Marziano, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist, specializing in providing therapy and assessment services for children and families to address a wide array of emotional, behavioral, and psychological concerns.  She holds a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from James Madison University and a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from East Carolina University.  After interning at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Marziano worked for Wake County Human Services as the primary psychologist for a specialized unit serving children, adolescents, and families experiencing trauma, abuse, and neglect.  Dr. Marziano joined the Lucy Daniels Center in October of 2013.  

Ashley McCormick, LCSW | Mental Health Clinician | 919.677.1400 x 145

“I consider it a privilege to accompany children, teens and parents in their therapeutic work.”

Ashley has been working with Lucy Daniels Center as a clinician in the Family Guidance Service for the past ten years.  Before joining Lucy Daniels Center, she worked with youth involved in the juvenile justice system, with children/teens and parents in an outpatient therapy clinic, and with adults in an inpatient unit.   She received her MSW from UNC and has trained with the Psychoanalytic Education Center of the Carolinas for a number of courses.   

Jamie Miller, Psy.D. | Mental Health Clinician | 919.677.1400 x 144

"I enjoy knowing that the work I do makes a difference in the people’s lives.  I appreciate the ongoing peer support, supervision, friendship, and camaraderie I receive from my colleagues, who nurture my growth as an individual and clinician."

Dr. Miller joined the Lucy Daniels Center team six years ago after receiving a masters degree in counseling from Villanova University and a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies. She has extensive experience working with children and adolescents including providing assessments while working at the Children’s Developmental Service Agencies and specializing in neurodevelopmental assessment at All Kinds of Minds.

Cesiah Hernandez. Psy.D. | Mental Health Clinician | 919.740.9316

“I love the work I do at Lucy Daniels Center. In addition to my knowledgeable and empathetic co-workers, the warm environment makes me feel at home and that I am part of the family. Sharing a common vision, that ultimately helps children grow and learn essential tools to achieve positive changes in order to live a healthy life with their families and become productive healthy adults.”

Cesiah holds a doctorate degree in General Practice Psychology and has extensive experience in working with multicultural children whom suffer from behavioral and emotional problems, mental retardation, as well as children whom fall in the autistic spectrum. She has a wealth of clinical experience leading  therapy groups with clients at risk of hospitalization, and has conducted individual, couple and family therapy. 

Alison SilverAlison Silver, LCSW | Mental Health Clinician | 919.623.2305

“I enjoy working at the Lucy Daniels Center where everyone is committed to “helping kids get back to happy”.

Alison Silver joined the Lucy Daniels Center staff as a SecurePath Therapist in November 2009.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Georgia, a master's degree in clinical social work from UNC-Chapel Hill, and she completed a clinical fellowship at the Yale Child Study Center.  Her previous experience includes working with children and families in schools, outpatient clinics and in a residential program. 

Sarah Stevens, LCSW | Mental Health Clinician | 919.622.4340

“I have loved my ten years at LDC because I have a strong sense of purpose in the way that we help children within our community.  SecurePath has provided a unique and important service to the community that you can't find elsewhere and that truly changes lives for the better.”

Sarah Stevens joined the Lucy Daniels Center staff as a SecurePath therapist in August 2004.  She earned a bachelors degree from Guilford College and a masters degree in clinical social work at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She is bilingual in Spanish and works intensively in the Latino community of Wake County.  Her areas of interest include young child trauma, behavioral and emotional concerns, and developmental disabilities.  

Lucy Daniels School

Jenn ReidJennifer Reid | Teacher/Associate Director of Education | 919.677.1400 x 109 

“The Lucy Daniels School is one of the few places I know of that understands that all behaviors are expressions of emotional states. Because our therapeutic work takes place in a classroom setting, children have multiple opportunities on a daily basis to make meaningful discoveries about the effects of feelings on their behavior as they develop a separate and autonomous sense of self in school, play and collaborate with peers, and experience the rewards and frustrations that come with learning and growing. As teachers help their students work through these developmental tasks both individually and within their peer group, children have the potential to become masters of their behavior in a variety of contexts and develop empathy and understanding for others in the process.”

Ms. Reid began her professional teaching career in 2001 in New York City and has taught at the Lucy Daniels School since 2005. She has a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from New York University and a B.A. in Art History and German from the University of Maryland. She is a certified Montessori teacher (American Montessori Society) and holds the professional credential Certified Psychoanalytic Educator.

Stephen Crook | Teacher | 919.677.1400 

"I have focused my education and experiences around the healthy physical, social, and emotional development of children. I am excited to share my experiences with the students and families at the Lucy Daniels School."

Stephen Crook joined the Early School in 2014. He graduated from Cornell University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and in 2011 with a Master of Arts in Developmental Psychology. He has a background in social work, childhood mental health, and preschool education.

Marilyn FarrellMarilyn Farrell | Teacher | 919.677.1400 x 106

"I have worked with young children in a variety of education settings in my professional teaching career beginning at The Lucy Daniels Center in 1997. I returned in 2011 because the Lucy Daniels School is unique in supporting a thoughtful understanding of the social and emotional lives of young children."

Marilyn Farrell has been a therapeutic teacher in the preschool classroom at the Lucy Daniels School for 6 years beginning in 1997 and returning to the Lucy Daniels School in 2011. She has a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education, beginning her professional teaching career in 1997.  Ms. Farrell will become a Certified Psychoanalytic Educator in October 2014.

Tiffany Hall | Teacher | 919.677.1400 x 133 

“I enjoy working with children and families who need extra help and support.  I am so grateful that the Lucy Daniels Center is here to provide it.”

Ms. Hall graduated from Maryville College with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.  She then earned a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Special Education from Kansas State University.   She has spent 17 years teaching in the classroom in both public and private schools.  She has been teaching at the Lucy Daniels Center since 2010.  She began as the four year old teacher in our Early School and in 2013 began teaching 1st and 2nd grade in the Elementary School.  

Fletcher MooreFletcher White | Teacher | 919.677.1400 x 138

"One of the things I have enjoyed most about working at the Lucy Daniels School is watching the preschool and kindergarten students' social and emotional transformations over the course of their time here. It is especially rewarding for me to see them grow into elementary school students and to join them in reflecting on their emotional growth over the years." 

Fletcher White has been a teacher in the Early School since 2010. She graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Family Studies. She will become a Certified Psychoanalytic Educator in October 2014. Throughout her time at the Center, Ms. White has taught preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and the elementary school art class.

Jenn MurphyJennifer Murphy | Teacher | 919.677.1400 x 137 

“I enjoy being part of a team with other education and mental health professionals at the Center and collaborating with the children and families I work with.”

Ms. Murphy has a Bachelors of Social Work from Frostburg State University.  She has been working with children and families since 2000.  She began her work as a therapeutic teacher at the Lucy Daniels Center in 2007 and is a Certified Psychoanalytic Educator.  

Camryn Evans | Teacher Assistant
919.677.1400 x 134

Kathy KellyKathy Kelly | Teacher Assistant
919.677.1400 x 108

“I feel  fortunate to go to work each day knowing that I help children grow emotionally and make lasting change.”

Kathy Kelly started working as a preschool teacher at the Lucy Daniels Center in 2006, working with all age levels throughout the preschool classrooms. Currently, Kathy works as a teacher's assistant to the first, second, and third grade classrooms. During her time with the Center, Kathy earned her early childhood teaching credentials. Prior to her career at the Lucy Daniels Center, Kathy worked extensively in the business community and provided many years volunteering in Wake County Public School classrooms.  

David Fuller, M.D. | Parent Therapist

Dr. Fuller is a child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, serving as a parent therapist and a member of the therapeutic team. He completed his training in adult and child psychiatry at Duke University and in adult and child psychoanalysis at the Duke-UNC Psychoanalytic Education Program. 

Daphne Rosenblitt, M.D. | Parent Therapist

Dr. Rosenblitt received her training in adult and child psychiatry at Duke University and her analytic training through the Duke-UNC Psychoanalytic Education Program (now Psychoanalytic Institute of the Carolinas), where she is currently on the faculty.  Dr. Rosenblitt has a private practice of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in Durham.

Barbara Snider, M.D. | Parent Therapist

“It is a privilege to work at a center where a group of professionals seeks to understand and provide in-depth treatment to children and their families with the hope of long term and lasting change.“

Dr. Snider received her training in adult and child psychiatry at Cornell University and her psychoanalytic training through the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute. Dr. Snider is board certified in adult and child psychiatry.