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The nonprofit Lucy Daniels Center helps children grow emotionally from the inside out to achieve change that lasts. We are the Triangle's largest provider of mental health services for children from birth to age 12, the time of life when the most effective interventions are possible. 

Our multi-disciplinary team, which includes recognized experts in mental health and education, works together with families to provide a uniquely comprehensive approach, delivering individualized treatment to each child. We complement this therapeutic regimen with rigorous academic programs through our elementary school and leverage our 20+ years of experience to support community programs serving children.

Our Mission

The Lucy Daniels Center helps children live emotionally healthy lives through in-depth evaluation and treatment, family involvement, and education.

Our Core Values

  • Recognizing that a child's emotional health is an essential foundation for future development and productivity
  • Showing respect for each child
  • Appreciating the complexity and individuality of each child's development
  • Appreciating that the child/parent relationship is central to the child's development
  • Striving to treat all children who need help, regardless of the family's ability to pay
  • Establishing a healthy and supportive environment for staff
Almost 8.4 million US children ages 9 to 17, or one out of five children and adolescents, suffer from some form of mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges. Studies have shown that children with mental disorders experience problems in schools, with peers, and at home. Providing early mental health treatment is critical to preventing further emotional and behavioral disorders (SAMHSA report).