The Lucy Daniels Center is dedicated to helping the youngest members of our community lead emotionally resilient lives. Lucy Daniels School, for 25 years helping fully capable children with extra social and emotional needs flourish. Now enrolling preschool through elementary.

Children's Mental Health at LDC

Children's mental health is our priority at the Lucy Daniels Center, where we help children with emotional, mental and social challenges succeed through in-depth evaluation and treatment, family involvement and education. Founded more than 25 years ago, we are the largest provider in the Triangle, N.C. of mental health services for children from birth to age 12, the time of life when the most effective interventions are possible. Our multi-disciplinary team, which includes recognized experts in mental health and education, works together with families to provide a uniquely comprehensive approach, delivering individualized treatment to each child. 

Our services include: 


SecurePath is a comprehensive mental health service for young children in Wake County provided at the child's home or preschool. … Read More

Family Guidance Service

The Family Guidance Service offers evaluations and outpatient mental health services for children through the age of 11 and their families. … Read More

LDC 4 Early Success

Lucy's Book Club (LBC) supports early literacy skills while promoting imaginative play, creative thinking, problem-solving, and self-regulation skills.… Read More

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Latest News

Winners Thus Far in C4aC

The first four events of the first round of Cooking for a Classic, benefiting the Lucy Daniels Center's programs for children's mental health, resulted in the following winners: Chef Rich C…

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Center Director Honored

Dr. Don Rosenblitt, the Executive and Clinical Director of the Lucy Daniels Center, has for many years been a leader in various national professional psychoanalytic organizations.  He was…

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